Expert Repair to Concrete Foundations


When you have foundation problems, you need a concrete repair specialist. There are two types of foundation: concrete block, and poured concrete. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and a Los Angeles Foundation Repair professional can help you figure out which one you need.

Poured concrete is a more modern way to lay foundation, while concrete blocks are a traditional method. Many people prefer the visual appeal, utility, and durability of concrete blocks – but, as time goes by, concrete begins to degrade.

The leading cause of damage like cracks or weakness in a concrete foundation is water. Water leaks along the ground, creating hairline fractures in the floor. These cracks get wider over the years, leading to structural damage. However, these miniscule cracks show where water seepage occurs, so an expert concrete repair company can use these clues to find the source, and help stop future damage to new foundations.

Other events can damage concrete foundations, too. Soil can lose moisture in the summer, leading to rotting areas under the ground. Or, growing or dying trees’ roots can put pressure on the foundations from underneath. Sometimes, natural causes like small earthquakes or floods can create fractures, which water can make larger. These large cracks can eventually run the full length of the foundation. They can even form small holes in some places.

Regardless of the cause, when the foundation gets cracked, this can lead to serious structural damage throughout the rest of the building. Repairs must begin immediately. Cracks that go undetected can become severe, so repairs may take longer. Small cracks, in the early stages, can be fixed by almost anyone – even you, with the right tools and tutorials. Just remove loose concrete, then fill in the spaces with concrete. But, if the crack is big, it has to be packed with specific material to properly seal concrete, and be structurally sound. These materials are often limestone based, and they expand when they’re dry to completely fill in the spaces. Then, special sealant covers the crack.

However, if the crack is bigger than even that, it isn’t safe to do it yourself. Hiring a repair specialist is the best way to go. Rusting rods like rebar may have caused these cracks, and that kind of deterioration of material requires rebuilding. If it is ignored for too long, the house could sink.

The best contractors like Foundation Technology will excavate the area around the foundation, then fully replace the damaged rebar, faulty tile, or even construct channels for the water to move away from the foundation.


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